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Fort Lauderdale Fraud – Man Charged With Forgery

A Fort Lauderdale man was arrested for credit card forgery after Boca Raton police found four credit cards in his possession that they alleged were forged. Police claim the magnetic strips on the cards did not match the numbers on the front of the cards. The man is also accused of using one of the suspicious cards at a nearby CVS to purchase cigarettes.

Fort Lauderdale Fraud Defense Attorney

The arrest came at the end of a traffic stop. Police stopped the defendant’s vehicle around 5 PM on October 17 for allegedly failing to stop before pulling out onto Yamato Road. The vehicle was stopped on Dixie Road; police found a small amount of marijuana as well as the forged credit cards.

The defendant will need a Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney to help him gain the best possible outcome to his criminal trial. Although on the surface he may appear guilty, he is entitled to a fair trial and the presumption of innocence. Hassett & Associates would establish the following while crafting a defense for a client in this situation:

  • Determining who owned the credit cards. According to police, there were two other people in the vehicle. Either one of them could have been the creator and owner of the forged cards.
  • Determining if the defendant even knew the credit cards were forged. If he did not, then he is not guilty of forgery under the statute.
  • Determining if the cards were actually forgeries. If the police were mistaken, then no forgery occurred.
  • Determining if police had probable cause to search the vehicle. If they did not, the cards cannot be used as evidence against the defendant.

The best credit card fraud defense is to prove that there is a reasonable doubt that the defendant committed fraud. As a Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney, Kenneth Hassett is well acquainted with the fraud statutes, which require the district attorney to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant authored a fraudulent document and used it with intent to harm another person.

If you or someone you know is facing credit card fraud charges, please contact Hassett and Associates at 954-760-9911.

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