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Escaped Broward Murder Suspect Caught

Broward County Homicide Defense AttorneyOne week after escaping from the Broward County Courthouse, a 21-year-old man facing first degree murder charges was recaptured in a motel 50 miles away in West Palm Beach. The capture came after detectives had received multiple tips that led them to a local Days Inn, where the man was staying in a $76 a night room.

The man was on trial for a 2014 stabbing murder of a woman. Due to his escape, the man was denied bond and also ordered to be held in isolation. The only contact he’s allowed is with his defense attorneys.

The judge issuing the decree also ordered a mental health evaluation after the man complained about being held in isolation. After the man’s lawyer protested that any negative results could be held against his client, the judge indicated that the man’s raising of the issue negated any such argument.

The July 15 escape involved seven other people, with six of them later captured. One helped the man loosen his shackles, two others signaled the man and maintained contact with two getaway drivers. The two women, who were arrested on July 20, helped set the escape up and provided a makeover, respectively.

Given the murder charges this man is facing, the need for a strong Broward criminal attorney is quite evident. That sort of stature clearly defines Kenneth Hassett, who has vigorously defended his clients for more than two decades.

That level of experience is vital given the stakes of this type of case. Kenneth Hassett knows that the prosecution needs to prove without a shadow of a doubt that enough evidence exists to convict the accused of murder. Another fact that needs to be proven is that the alleged victim is indeed deceased.

All of these aspects and more will help determine the actual degree of charges a suspect is facing. The difference between the three levels is striking, especially since conviction of First Degree charges could result in being given the death penalty. One other facet that needs to be determined is the actual intent, since the wide range that exists here can span from charges for accidental to premeditated murder.

So if you or someone you know is searching for a Broward criminal attorney that’s uniquely qualified to handle a case of this nature, contact Kenneth Hassett. Just set up a free consultation in order to discuss your case.

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