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DNA Leads to Arrest in 2010 Rape at Davie Park

On Thursday, December 28, 2017, a man was arrested in the Davie, Florida area after DNA evidence from a rape that occurred in the city back in 2010 led directly to him, according to police.

The victim in the case reported to the police that, on November 26 of that year, she was out walking in the Robbins Lodge Park when she was suddenly accosted by a man who was armed. The man subsequently grabbed her and dragged her off the path she’d been walking and then raped her.

The sergeant at the Davie Police Department reported that saliva that was on the woman’s breast following the attack was collected and submitted for a DNA analysis. However, there was a lack of sufficient evidence and the perpetrator was not able to be located, so the case eventually went cold. However, the sergeant stated that his office recently resubmitted the DNA sample, this time to a company that was able to build a profile of the man who committed the vicious rape.

On Wednesday, December 6, 2017, the police returned to the scene of the crime and used the DNA composite to find the man who committed the rape. It turned out he was working at the Flamingo Gardens.

The police sergeant reported that the man they located then consented to having his DNA collected. From there, this sample was compared to the one that was obtained after the vicious rape of the woman. The results, according to the police sergeant, were that it was concluded that there was only a one in 400 billion chance that the man they had in custody was not responsible for the rape.

After the DNA findings, police got in contact with the man in the Fort Lauderdale area and arrested him. He is facing several counts of sexual battery. According to police, he was illegally in the United States. They contacted the US Border Patrol to report him.

Being arrested on charges of rape is very serious. If you face such charges in Florida, you need the assistance of an experienced Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney. The best thing you can possibly do while awaiting your trial is to immediately get in touch with Hassett & Associates, P.A. at 954-791-3939 and speak with a Fort Lauderdale rape defense attorney. It is your best chance at having these very serious charges reduced or dismissed.

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