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Davie officer arrested for extortion

In what’s belived to be a threat of revenge porn, a Davie Police Department detective has been arrested after allegedly threatening a 22-year-old female Davie co-worker police officer with posting private and intimate pictures and videos of her on the internet after their relationship deteriorated. He’s facing two charges of extortion after allegedly telling the female officer to either resign from the department, or he would publish the images. The detective had been awarded the Davie Officer of the Year award in 2012. There’s no indication at this point in time as to whether the images or video had been posted. The case remains under investigation, and the detective is presently on administrative leave. The detective’s bond was set at $75,000.

The experienced Fort Lauderdale criminal defense lawyer will tell you that extortion occurs when a person demands money, performance or non-performance of a specific act while placing a victim under duress or the threat of harm. In the case of the Davie detective, it allegedly involves the threat of dissimenation of highly personal and sensitive information unless a certain act was performed to prevent it. The crime of extortion doesn’t require the performance of an actual criminal act. The mere threat of performance or non-performance is sufficient. Even a legal act is actionable under the Florida extortion statute so long as the procecution can show malicious intnent. Although intent is also an element of the offense, the statute doesn’t require an intent to actually carry out an act or non-act. Even the ability to perform isn’t a factor.

Our office handles a broad range of both state and federal criminal cases in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. We have the knowledge and experience required to successfully represent you. Every case has its own set of unique facts, each with their own degree of difficulty. Our Fort Lauderdale extortion defense lawyer recognizes your individual needs and objectives. You have the right to a speedy and fair trial. Your rights are of paramount importance. Assert them, and call our offices for a free consultation. You are innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Protect your rights with us.

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