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New Cases
Falsifying Medical Records
Falsifying or altering medical records is a crime in Florida. Among other penalties, health care professionals who are convicted of altering or falsifying medical and patient records can also face license consequences. The potential consequences and penalties of a conviction for falsifying medical records make it important for anyone working within the health care field...
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Fort Lauderdale Carrying Concealed Firearm Lawyer
Many people in South Florida are confused about the state’s firearms laws and whether or not they are allowed to carry concealed weapons. Since the firearms laws are confusing and somewhat contradictory, some people face firearms charges when they carry guns to protect themselves. If you are charged with a weapons offense, you should contact...
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In a deepening scandal over racist texts and a video shared by former Fort Lauderdale police officers, the Broward Public Defender said he would seek the dismissal of at least 56 pending criminal cases in which four officers were involved. “If the State Attorney is interested in racial harmony, he will dismiss these cases,” Howard Finkelstein...
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