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Carjacking Suspects in Custody After Fort Lauderdale Police Chase

Fort Lauderdale Car Jacking Defense AttorneySeveral young persons were involved in a high-speed chase that could end with most of the rest of their lives being spent in jail. The young men attempted to flee from the police when they were trying to investigate a carjacking report. The police received news that a black 2017 Dodge Journey had been stolen early in the week. They found the suspects operating the Journey and found that it was stolen after running the plates. They attempted to pull the boys over, but the driver apparently didn’t believe that stopping was a good idea. He took off down the road and tried to get away but a tire blowout foiled the plans. A fleet of police officers and an airplane tailed the suspects until the blowout caused the chase to cease.

One of the suspects jumped out of the vehicle and tried to run away. He surrendered to the police a little later. When the news reporters questioned some of the local residents, they seemed surprised that such an event occurred. One older gentleman commented, “That don’t happen every day.” A woman said that she was glad none of the children got hurt. The chase had occurred when the kids were getting out of school. Police have served a ton of charges to these young persons. They have issued them carjacking, eluding, resisting arrest and aggravated fleeing citations. They will need a Fort Lauderdale car jacking defense attorney to defend them on these matters because they carry heavy sentences.

Penalties for the Suspects

Carjacking can bring a penalty of up to life in prison if it involves firearms. Otherwise, it can carry a sentence of up to 30 years. Resisting arrest carries a sentence of up to 12 months without violence and more it if it involves violence or police. The only hope that these young men have is a reliable Fort Lauderdale car jacking defense attorney.

Contact Hassett & Associates

Contact Hassett & Associates, P.A. at 954-791-3939 if you or someone that you know has been charged with a carjacking offense. It is better to have an attorney than to try to face the court system with such charges alone. Hassett & Associates have been dealing with carjacking and similar cases for more than 20 years, and they have the testimonials and the stats to prove that they know how to succeed. Call them and get your defense strategy in gear today.

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