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Woman Arrested in Back-to-Back Bank Robberies in Broward

Federal Offense Defense LawyerA 33-year-old woman from Sunrise was arrested by last week by the Broward County Sheriff’s Department after allegedly robbing two banks within about an hour. She has been turned over to the FBI, and she now faces federal offenses charges.

The first robbery occurred at Sun Trust Bank in Fort Lauderdale when the woman entered the bank and demanded cash from a teller. About an hour later, the same woman walked into Wells Fargo Bank in Wilton Manors. She also demanded cash there. Security cameras showed the woman to be wearing sunglasses while covering her head with a white baseball cap. Neither bank disclosed how much money she walked out with.

If a person robs a bank, credit union or savings and loan, he or she is robbing a federally insured and protected financial institution. Accordingly, the robbery becomes a federal offense, and the FBI becomes involved right away.  If you are arrested on this charge it is imperative that you obtain a Federal offense defense lawyer right away. The crime is covered by 18 USC section 2113 which is known as the Federal Bank Robbery Act. The statute contemplates using force, threats, intimidation or threats of violence. Bank robbery charges are classified as armed robbery, unarmed robbery and inference of a bank robbery by possessing recently stolen cash or other property. If a person is convicted of bank robbery, federal mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines call for a 10 year prison sentence with a maximum of 20 years for a first offense.

A federal bank robbery conviction will stay on a person’s record for life. It’s certain to interfere with job, educational and housing opportunities. Kenneth Hassett is a Florida criminal defense lawyer with offices in Davie, Fort Lauderdale and Miami. With more than 22 years of experience, he’s admitted to Florida’s federal courts. He practices extensively in them, and he’s highly respected by both prosecutors and judges.

Remember that if you’re taken into custody on any type of robbery or theft arrest, the prosecution has the burden of proving you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Don’t give any kind of a statement or confession to police. Exercise and invoke your right to remain silent along with your right to speak with an attorney right away. Contact Kenneth Hassett at 954-791-3939 as soon as you possibly can after any arrest.

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