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$300,000 missing from 92-year-old woman’s Account, Financial Adviser Arrested

Fort Lauderdale Money Laundering Defense AttorneyA 62-year-old Fort Lauderdale investment adviser and his 70-year-old sister were arrested for allegedly defrauding a 92-year-old Pompano Beach woman out of nearly $300,000. The adviser was arrested at his office on November 17 and released on bond, while his sister remains at the county jail after her arrest on December 5, with her bond at $150,000.

The five charges against the adviser, who has already pleaded not guilty, include the forging of checks, an organized scheme to defraud and money laundering. His sister, who lives with him and is reportedly under medical care for a heart condition, is also facing charges of money laundering.

The investment adviser has served the alleged victim in that capacity for the last three decades. The adviser was accused by two of her friends of writing large checks worth an estimated $290,000 in her name to his sister. A portion of that amount allegedly included a $10,000 check for improvements to the adviser’s multi-million dollar home.

The arrest of the adviser came in the wake of what Fort Lauderdale police say was his alleged shredding of documents. That reportedly took place after auditors from the adviser’s former employer had finished perusing the documents in question.

Given the fact that both individuals are facing similar charges, they’re both in need of a Fort Lauderdale criminal lawyer that knows how to tackle the financial intricacies involved. Such a definition neatly fits the qualifications of Kenneth Hassett and his staff.

Hassett is an experienced Fort Lauderdale money laundering defense attorney that’s been vigorously defending his clients in the Sunshine State for more than a quarter-century. The depth of knowledge he’s gained during that time can often help separate fact from fiction in the murky area of financial advising.

Knowing that the burden of proof in determining guilt is fully on the prosecution, Hassett deftly uses his knowledge of what exactly constitutes money laundering and the other crimes. Having the ability to offer a clearer picture of what can often be a confusing situation helps offer his clients their best chance of being acquitted by juries.

So if you or someone you know requires a Fort Lauderdale money laundering defense attorney that exhaustively fights for his clients, there’s no need to look any further than the law offices of Kenneth Hassett. His three offices include one in Fort Lauderdale, which can be contacted by calling 954-760-9911.

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