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Women Arrested After Attacking Employees at Fort Lauderdale Airport

Hollywood Battery Attorney

Help from a Hollywood Battery Attorney

Heated racial issues and violent protests seem to be cropping up all over. Just look at the incident that happened on July 16th in a Fort Lauderdale airport.

Three women became a little more than upset by the delay of a flight to Philly, and rather than take a moment to breathe and figure out what to do next, they chose to assault airport employees. It was clear that these three women felt that assaulting airport employees would somehow ease their frustration and/or get them booked on a flight that would get them to Philadelphia sooner. The airline, obviously, was definitely not going to put these violent offenders on a plane after they assaulted the employees and threw everything from food to shoes at the employees.

In Florida, all of the things these women did to the employees (including throwing food with the intent to cause injury) falls under assault and battery. There were no weapons (e.g., guns or knives) involved, which would result in an aggravated assault case, but the intent to cause harm to the employees was there. Thankfully, the employees were not seriously injured, but they could have been.

No one has the right to assault anyone, no matter how upset, frustrated, or angry one might be with a situation. The three young women in the case will be facing jail time, but sometimes that leaves the victims hanging.

No one would fault these employees for choosing to sue the women who assaulted them. In fact, that is quite common, and it sends the right message to those who would assault. That’s where airline employees looking for a Fort Lauderdale- Hollywood battery attorney would find adequate justice and reparations. Our firm based in Fort Lauderdale can help with any Fort Lauderdale- Hollywood battery attorney needs, and a consultation is always free.

Hiring a Hollywood Battery Attorney

There are different levels of assault and battery too. It helps to have a Fort Lauderdale- Hollywood criminal defense lawyer explain these situations to you and what it means in terms of compensation in an assault case. The Fort Lauderdale- Hollywood criminal defense lawyer you hire can be of immense help. If you or anyone you know have been in a similar legal situation like the public assault on airport employees in the story above, contact Hassett and Associates, P.A., at 954-791-3939 today.

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