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Woman Accused of Carjacking Two Men in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale Carjacking Defense AttorneyWhoever said that women were the weaker gender must not have come across anyone like the woman with three names who was arrested for carjacking two men. The story gets a little hairy and confusing because the suspect claimed to be head honcho on the streets, but also claimed that she was being held inside the vehicle she jacked under duress.

A man reported that the assailant was in the rear of the vehicle with him when all of this occurred. A mutual friend was at the wheel driving both of them around for a night on the town. The assailant suddenly took out a gun and told the crime victim to remove himself from the vehicle. The assailant then told the driver to take him or her to the hotel.

The detective spoke to several people who lived at the hotel about the assailant’s whereabouts when they conducted their investigation. They spoke to some people who were on the streets, as well. Those human beings apparently felt as though the assailant was a dangerous person with whom they did not want to share the streets.

The detectives searched for the assailant until they found her. When they conducted their line of questioning, she told them that she had been held in the car against her will, and that is why she did what she did. She also admitted in the same breath that the people on the streets feared her, and that she ran the streets of Pompano Beach. The police were apparently not afraid of the assailant as they went ahead and charged her with kidnapping and carjacking. She is going to need the assistance of a Fort Lauderdale defense attorney to deal with the repercussions of her actions. Such an attorney can help her to fight the years of jail time that she is facing.

Hassett & Associates is a firm that has a successful team on staff. If you are someone you know is in a similar situation as the previously mentioned alleged carjacker, you will need to call someone like Hassett & Associates. The number to call is 954-760-9911. Someone will set you up for a consultation during which you can discuss your options. The attorney will takes steps to have your case dismissed, won or lightened in some way. Do not hesitate to schedule a meeting.

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