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Weston UF Student Accused of Drunk-Driving Crash that Killed his Girlfriend

Weston DUI Defense Lawyer

Help from a Weston DUI Defense Lawyer

A Weston college student was recently involved in an accident resulting in the death of a young Florida woman. The driver of the vehicle, who was her purported boyfriend, was determined to be under the influence of alcohol after being measured at 0.12 BAC following the crash. Unconscious at the scene, the girlfriend died shortly. The incident was also just the latest in a series of driving citations over the past two years in which the driver pleaded guilty to careless driving in at least one case. However, the problems for the surviving driver were just beginning as now he has been charged with negligent homicide stemming from the fatal accident. These are the times when all defendants will need comprehensive and aggressive legal representation. Florida court authorities are serious when it comes to prosecuting both DUI charges and highway manslaughter situations of any type.

One of the first complications of the case is the fact that there is a digital record of bad driving behavior by the defendant in the past. While the state cannot necessarily use prior cases when determining the final disposition of the case, having the information at hand can still influence the prosecutor when making sentencing recommendations to the court. No detail is too small when a prosecutor may be overstepping their bounds in charging defendants with crimes. And even though the state does have a strong case by initial evaluation with respect to the death of the victim, witness testimony, and the BAC reading, the defendant still has legal rights that can be enforced by a Weston DUI defense lawyer as well as a Weston criminal defense lawyer when fighting the charges.

Hiring a Qualified Weston DUI Defense Lawyer

An attorney from Weston DUI defense lawyer offices Hassett & Associates P.A. can conduct an independent investigation into the accident and identify all case particulars that could lead to establishing as much reasonable doubt as possible, which is the standard for establishing proof when a defendant can be found guilty in any criminal case. Even when there are elements that indicate guilt, details can still matter significantly and all steps in a prosecution must be adhered to according to proper protocol. Having an experienced Weston criminal defense lawyer like Ken Hassett is vital when charges like these are filed.

If you or someone you know have been in a similar legal situation contact Hassett & Associates, P.A. at 954-791-3939 for a full case evaluation regarding a strong defense.

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