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Two Cooks Arrested for Battery on Federal Agents

Two cooks were recently charged with assaulting law enforcement officers outside a Fort Lauderdale sports bar on March 5, 2015. The arrest warrant states that two of the officers were struck by a football-sized concrete chunk by one of the suspects.

Steven Deleon Jenrette, 22, is currently being held on a $75,000 bond. Gregory Bradley, 29, was released on an $11,000 bond. Jenrette has been charged with two counts of aggravated battery with a weapon, while Bradley has been charged with aggravated battery with a weapon and battery of an officer. A good Fort Lauderdale criminal defense lawyer will be necessary to give each suspect the best chances in court.

According to the arrest warrant, two drug enforcement administration agents were eating at the Bokamper’s restaurant with fellow law enforcement officers. As the men were leaving the building at 10:30 p.m., the suspects began yelling at them for no reason. One of the officers displayed his badge and identified the group as law enforcement officers. Bradley then struck one of the unsuspecting officers with a rock on the head and was said to remark, “One down, two to go.” After striking another officer with the same rock, the two suspects fled. The attack took place near the vehicles of the law enforcement officers.

According to common law, criminal battery is defined as the intentional harming or offensive touching of another person. In Florida, criminal battery occurs when one person intentionally strikes or touches another against that person’s will. If there is evidence that the battery caused extreme bodily harm, disfigurement or disability, the State Attorney may file a charge of felony battery. Aggravated battery occurs when the defendant is said to have used a deadly weapon during the attack. A person may also be charged with aggravated battery if the attack is against a pregnant woman. A competent aggravated battery criminal defense attorney will be necessary in order to ensure a fair sentence for the defendant.

In order to prove the criminal violation of battery, the State Attorney must prove beyond reasonable doubt that the suspect intentionally caused serious harm or used a deadly weapon. A criminal battery or aggravated assault charge is very serious and should not be taken lightly. If you or someone you know is accused of criminal battery or aggravated assault, contact the law office of Kenneth Hassett for a trustworthy Fort Lauderdale Battery Defense Lawyer.

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