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Teen Accused of Stealing Car with Baby Inside Arrested

Fort Lauderdale Grand Theft Auto AttorneyPeople make mistakes. We get that. One young man, for example, recently stole a car in Fort Lauderdale without realizing that there was a one year old baby in the car. He later abandoned the car, and the baby was safely reunited with her father. Having been spotted on a surveillance camera, the young man was apprehended a short time later. He was visibly distraught as he had no idea that the car had an infant in the back seat until it was too late. It is in a case such as this one that a Fort Lauderdale grand theft auto attorney needs to be retained.

Grand Theft Auto Explained

A person is accused of auto theft when they are believed to knowingly take or try to take another car or truck without permission of the rightful owner. The degree of the charge levied against such an individual usually depends on the actual value of vehicle, with cars priced over $100,000 carrying a charge of grand theft auto in the first degree. In order to prove that this crime was committed, the attorney for the state will need to demonstrate that the suspect committed the theft knowingly with an intent to take possession of the vehicle. A Fort Lauderdale grand theft auto attorney will examine the evidence in the case and help mount a vigorous defense for anyone accused of such a crime.

Retain Our Firm Today

If you have been accused of grand theft auto in the Fort Lauderdale area, you need a Fort Lauderdale criminal lawyer fighting on your side who is experienced and knowledgeable. That is what you will get with us. We know how to examine the evidence and plead your case in front of a jury, if it comes to that. We offer a free consultation, so you can call us to come and talk to you to determine the merits of your case and what can be done with you. Remember that this is your life on the line. A felony conviction can have negative implications that will last for the rest of your life. You do not want to go down without having a professional attorney fighting for your rights.

If you or someone you are familiar what has been in a similar legal situation as to that described above, contact Hassett & Associates, P.A. at 954-791-3939.

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