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Roger Stone Arrested in Fort Lauderdale, Appears in Federal Court

Fort Lauderdale Federal Defense LawyerPolitical consultant Roger Stone is facing charges that he tampered with witnesses among other charges. Federal authorities raided the Stone’s house and arrested him on Federal charges of witness tampering. Stone is represented by a Fort Lauderdale federal defense lawyer as he prepares to answer for the charges.

A federal judge released Stone with a $250,000 bond. He is ordered not to contact witnesses and submit to a drug test. If Stone doesn’t comply with his terms of bond, federal authorities may seek revocation of the bond until the case can be heard.

Anyone who faces federal charges of witness tampering has the right to the assistance of a Fort Lauderdale federal defense lawyer. A person accused of federal offenses faces years in prison, fines and other penalties.

A charge of witness tampering may be a federal charge or a state charge. In both cases, a charge of witness tampering is seen as interfering with the administration of justice. A person who is convicted of the charge of witness tampering can expect a significant sentence. A judge may look at a number of factors when determining the appropriate sentence including the facts involved in the case, the harm that results from the offender’s actions, the criminal history of the offender and the age of the offender.

If you’re facing any type of federal charges, a Fort Lauderdale federal defense attorney can help you prepare the appropriate defense. You have the right to present a defense that can include testifying on your own behalf. You may interview witnesses. One way that your federal criminal charges defense lawyer can assist you is by making the appropriate contact with witnesses in order to interview the witnesses as part of your defense strategy. You may interview the witnesses informally or you may need to conduct formal depositions. If a witness doesn’t want to appear in court voluntarily, you may issue a subpoena in order to require a witness to come to court.

Fort Lauderdale Federal Defense Lawyer

Defense to a witness tampering case can be complex. An experienced criminal defense lawyer in Fort Lauderdale can help. The case may hinge on statements of witnesses. If law enforcement fails to provide you with evidence that may be beneficial to you, the judge may sanction the federal or state attorney. Carefully preparing cross-examination for the federal witnesses and carefully preparing your own witness questions can make a significant difference in presenting a strong defense. If you or someone you know have been in a similar legal situation contact Hassett & Associates, P.A. at 954-791-3939.

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