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Protecting Legal Rights in a Fort Lauderdale Drug Possession Case

Fort Lauderdale Drug Possession LawyerA woman who previously served as a Broward County detention deputy was arrested recently on drug possession charges. Late on a Saturday evening, an on-duty sheriff’s deputy was driving along the back side of an industrial complex. While doing so, the deputy came upon a car parked, without its lights on.

The deputy stopped, got out of the patrol car to investigate. At that time, a woman came out from behind a garbage bin, and stated that he car broke down and she was waiting on AAA.

The woman who came out from behind the garbage bin stated she was a former sheriff’s deputy. In fact, the woman resigned from the sheriff’s department in 1996.

The patrol officer at the scene ran the woman’s name and discovered an outstanding warrant. The patrol officer went to arrest the woman, who began resisting. The woman told the sheriff’s deputy to kill her, making that statement multiple times. In the process of trying to subdue the woman, what turned out to be rock cocaine fell out of the woman’s pocket.

The woman was taken into custody. The Broward County state’s attorney charged the woman with two counts of possession of a controlled substance without a prescription. She was also charged resisting arrest without violence. The woman was held in the Manatee County jail on a total bond $3,500. The woman has a record of previous arrests for possession of controlled substances, the most recent only a few months before the Broward County incident.

Legal Representation in a Fort Lauderdale Drug Possession Case

A person facing a drug possession charge, coupled with resisting arrest, can best protect his or her legal rights and interests by taking a proactive stance in retaining legal representation. The criminal justice system can more quickly and a person arrested on a drug-related charge should not delay in obtaining a qualified Fort Lauderdale drug possession lawyer.

If you face drug possession charges, you have the absolute right to legal representation before discussing your case with law enforcement. You should not submit to questioning without first seeking legal assistance.

Retain a Skilled, Experienced Fort Lauderdale Drug Possession Lawyer

If you find yourself facing drug-related charges, schedule a consultation with a Fort Lauderdale drug possession lawyer from Hassett & Associates, P.A. You can schedule an initial consultation with a Fort Lauderdale drug possession attorney by calling 954-791-3939. There is no charge for an initial consultation with a member of the Hassett & Associates legal team.

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