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Police Arrest Man Accused Of Exposing Himself, Sexually Assaulting Fort Lauderdale Health Spa Employee

Fort Lauderdale sexual battery lawyer

Sex crimes are serious legal matters in Florida regardless of the circumstances involved in the case. Sometimes what happens is a matter of witness testimony while other times the incident could be recorded on video. Security cameras very common in the contemporary world, and particularly at businesses such as health spas where sexual attack could occur quickly and easily. This is just what supposedly has happened in a Fort Lauderdale spa when a patron of a specific spa was filmed on camera exposing himself to a spa worker and actually attempting sexual assault according to the police complaint report.

While indecent exposure is indeed a crime in Florida, cases that include actual testimony involving physical approach and attack are much more serious than a mere exposure claim. And when they are supported by video evidence of the incident, criminal charges can be even more difficult to defend. However that does not mean that a defense is not possible. And this especially applies when the defendant was not caught in the attack or apprehended on the scene. .

This is also exactly what happened in the recent Ft. Lauderdale indecent exposure and subsequent attack report because the assailant left the facility on foot as the call to local authorities was being made. The police actually distributed flyers in the neighborhood looking for the suspect before finally making an arrest of a 29-yr old male who was already in his vehicle and driving at the time of the arrest. In addition to the sexual attack charge, he was charged with driving on a suspended license.

A Fort Lauderdale sexual battery lawyer will assuredly be necessary in this case for the defendant because a conviction could result in a significant jail term and a court-ordered requirement to register as a convicted sex offender in the state of Florida. This stipulation alone will stay with a defendant for the remainder of their life and impact basic things such as future employment and obtaining housing, whether that be public or private housing.

A Fort Lauderdale criminal lawyer will be sufficient for the suspended license case, which will more than likely result in an extended suspension period as well as a considerable fine. But the real issue for the defendant is sexual assault with respect to jail time. Even a Class G felony in Florida can result in a 10-year incarceration period and up to $25,000 in fines.

Reasonable doubt is still the standard for all criminal convictions, and an experienced Fort Lauderdale sexual battery lawyer can evaluate all evidence being used in the charge in building as much reasonable doubt as possible. In addition, any inadmissible evidence can be identified in a request for suppression or dismissal when it is questionable.

Anyone in southern Florida who is facing a potential conviction on a sex offense criminal charge should contact Fort Lauderdale criminal lawyer Kenneth Hassett for comprehensive and aggressive legal representation. Your future as well as your freedom depends on it.

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