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One Arrested, One Hospitalized After Shooting On Seminole Reservation

A man is in stable, but critical condition after he was shot at the Seminole Tribe reservation located near Hollywood, FL. A 911 call was made from a home on Donna Street reporting an intruder. The unarmed intruder, whose name is Ricky Odell, climbed a six-foot fence that divided the reservation from the city of Hollywood.

The intruder entered the home of Israel John. After locating a 40 caliber handgun inside the house Odell shot, 26 year old Israel six times. Even though is not a member of the tribe, he lives with someone who is a member of the tribe.

Israel was taken to the Memorial Regional Hospital and had to undergo three surgeries. Ricky was arrested and taken to the Broward County Jail where he has been charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

Florida law defines battery as striking another person against his or her will or intentionally causing bodily harm to another person. A person can be charged with criminal battery if someone has suffered serious disfigurement or disability as the result of being battered.

In order to prove that a person committed a criminal violation, the state attorney must prove several things. The state attorney must prove that the person intentionally struck the other person against his or her will. State attorneys are also required to prove that the person suffered great harm as the result of being struck.

Battery charges are serious. People who are charged with battery can face many years in jail. They may also be required to pay for the plaintiff’s medical bills. That is why if you are facing battery charges, then you will need the help of a competent criminal defense attorney.

If you are looking for a Fort Lauderdale battery attorney, then you will need to contact Kenneth P. Hassett. You can contact him 24 hours a day, seven days a week. He will get to you as soon as possible. He will discuss the rights that you have. Kenneth will also do everything he can to help you fight your charges.

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