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Miami Domestic Abuse Attorney

In the state of Florida, the act of domestic violence is taken seriously by officials. When a person is accused of this crime, they will probably want to seek the expertise of a Miami Domestic Abuse Attorney who can explain the court process, rights of the accused, accusers and privileges. If evidence shows that domestic violence has occurred between a spouse or children, the accused will be arrested, taken into custody and wait to see a judge.

Such a case recently took place in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. A Sunrise Police officer, Patrick Gravelle was detained by police officials and taken into custody for allegedly threatening to fatally wound is wife and stepson. In these type of cases, the person that is accused of domestic violence is detained in jail without bond until being brought before a judge. At that point, a judge will advise the accused of the criminal offense that they are being held for and will order them to stay away from their accusers.In the Gravellele case, police indicated that he had aimed a gun at his stepson and verbally told him to leave his house. This was after physical evidence indicated that Mr. Gravelle had also abused his wife, which led to bruises on her body. The judge charged Mr. Gravelle with one count of battery and two counts of aggravated assault. The judge also set his bond at $42,000, which Mr. Gravelle posted.

In Florida, there is no privilege of Spousal Immunity. This means that the accused does not have the privilege of stopping a spouse or child from testifying against them in a court of law. However, Confidential Communications is a privilege that Mr. Gravelle would be allowed as he did have a valid marriage at the time of the incident. Privileges and rights of the accused are very important in these cases. The expertise and knowledge of working with them can be discussed and explained by seeking the guidance and assistance of an experienced Miami Domestic Abuse Attorney.

If you or someone you know as been in a similar legal situation, contact our firm at 305-567-1211 so that we can answer any questions that you or an acquaintance may have.

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