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Man Taken into Custody in Connection with Rash of Vehicle Burglaries

Fort Lauderdale Burglary Arrest LawyerA man has been taken into custody on suspicion of burglarizing vehicles at a number of fire stations in Broward County. Officials state that he is being questioned, and that inquiry centers on the over two dozen vehicles that have been broken into at two county fire stations.

The vehicles belonged to police and firefighters. It is not yet clear whether the person taken into custody is responsible for the burglaries. Police have said that the man is cooperating with their investigation.

Being arrested for burglary is a very serious matter. The authorities may have apprehended you because you happened to fit a profile that they have put together based on sketchy and unreliable eyewitness accounts; you may have been arrested because you happened to look suspicious; you may have been arrested because the real culprit gave the police your name to throw them off a trail that might have led them to him. Any number of factors could find you in police custody answering questions about a crime you have nothing to do with and know nothing about.

Once you are taken into custody, you feel as though you have done something wrong, you will have the sense of loneliness and isolation. This is what the authorities want you to feel. The system is set up to intimidate and confuse you. But not matter what the police may be ready to accuse you of you still have rights. One of those rights is to remain silent—to say nothing that will lead to self-incrimination.

Before speaking to anyone you should speak to a Fort Lauderdale criminal lawyer. If law enforcement thinks you committed the crime, they will try to get you to confess—cooperate is their word for it. If you know you did nothing, you should say nothing until your Fort Lauderdale burglary arrest lawyer arrives and looks at the evidence they have against you. Your Fort Lauderdale burglary arrest lawyer will be able to examine it, challenge it, and compel the authorities to release you when it is proven that they have the wrong person.

The slightest hint that you were involved in such a crime can give police enough to charge you and drag things out much longer than necessary. That is why you should say nothing until your lawyer arrives and is able to accompany you through the interview.

If you or someone you know have been in a similar legal situation contact Hassett & Associates, P.A. at 954-791-3939.

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