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Hialeah Battery Lawyer

Mother Charged With Battery After Attacking Daughter’s Classmate

Assault and battery isn’t just reserved to the realm of mugging, gangs, or domestic violence. A battery charge can happen just about anywhere and even for very minor injuries. One Miami woman is realizing this because she is now facing battery charges for attacking not a parent but one of her daughter’s classmates, a 6th grade girl. A Hialeah battery lawyer will now be involved in the situation.

The 35 year old Miami woman, Irisdaly Rios, was picking her daughter up from school when she noticed that her daughter was in a verbal confrontation with one of her classmates. In a motherly attempt to come to her child’s defense, Rios got out of her car and started her own verbal confrontation with the girl. This quickly escalated to hitting and scratching. All of this was done right in front of other parents and teachers. Both the girl and Rios suffered minor injuries. The entire confrontation was captured by another student on his cell phone, providing little question as to how the event played out.

A battery charge is a serious crime, and it was made even more serious in this case because the victim was a minor. A Miami criminal defense lawyer will be needed in order to defend against these charges. The charges can include fines and jail time. Courts and juries often look even more unfavorably upon adults charged with battery crimes against minors. This makes proper representation even more important.

Did this mother have a good reason for engaging with the girl? If her daughter had been under threat of injury, then the mother could legally have intervened as a matter of self-defense or the defense of her child, but a verbal argument is not grounds for a life threatening situation. There are any number of ways that this mother could better have dealt with the situation, but now she must deal with the legal consequences of her choice. Despite what others may think of such a crime, the woman is deserving of the same quality representation as anyone else. A moment’s loss of control in the seeming defense of her daughter does not make her a hardened criminal.

A Hialeah battery lawyer can assist in handling a battery defense case. The Kenneth Hassett law firm can provide quality representation to all clients. If you or someone you know have been in a similar legal situation, contact our law firm at 305-567-1211 for a consultation.

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