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Fort Lauderdale Woman Arrested In Tip Jar Theft

Fort Lauderdale Theft AttorneyA 24-year-old woman may need to secure the services of a Fort Lauderdale theft attorney after being arrested for stealing a tip jar from a local candy store.

Surveillance cameras recorded the suspect and another woman enter and move idly about looking around the store. A store owner approached and offered the two women assistance. The women left without making a purchase. It was after they were gone that the store owner noticed the tip jar had been taken.

The surveillance camera shows that the woman arrested put the tip jar inside of a bag she was carrying. The store owner says there was about $50 cash in the jar.

The store owner and her husband have handcrafted chocolate at the location for 18 years. She expressed anger that the two women would just walk in and steal money from her store. She explained that she and her husband are giving people that would have offered the money to the women if they had expressed a need.

The woman that was arrested was identified by both her probation officer and an anonymous citizen through a tip from Crime Stoppers. The second suspect in the crime remains at large.

Criminal theft in Florida happens when an owner is intentionally deprived of property by another individual that obtains or uses the property for personal benefit. This use or possession can be either temporary or permanent.

Larceny takes place when the property of an individual is taken away with the intent to permanently deprive them of its possession or use.

These crimes are serious matters in the state of Florida and convictions could mean serious consequences to the lives of the accused. The accused should not attempt to handle this matter on their own. Individuals that have been accused of criminal theft or larceny should seek the help of qualified legal counsel.

The Fort Lauderdale criminal lawyer’s at Hassett & Associates, P.A. specialize in these kinds of cases and are an excellent choice for individuals that are in need of a Fort Lauderdale theft attorney.

If you, or someone you know, find themselves in a similar position as the subject in the article above, contact Hassett & Associates, P.A. at 954-791-3939 for a free consultation. Hassett & Associates, P.A. can also be contacted online here.