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Fort Lauderdale Man Accused of Killing Brother

Fort Lauderdale Murder Defense AttorneyAn Independence Day tragedy that resulted in the death of a 39-year-old Fort Lauderdale man led to the arrest of the victim’s brother five days later in Tallahassee. That took place after man accused walked into the Sheriff’s Department of Leon County to give himself up. The older brother was then subsequently charged with premeditated first degree murder.

Police reports indicate that at approximately 8 p.m. on the night in question, the two brothers were present at their cousin’s home. The pair were allegedly engaged in a heated argument just outside the cousin’s home in Northwest 25th Terrace’s 2500 block.

The crime allegedly took place after the victim attempted to walk away from the situation and enter the cousin’s home. That was when police state that the accused picked up a knife and then stuck the instrument into his younger brother’s neck. In the wake of the arrest, no further details were released by local law enforcement officials.

In the immediate aftermath of the alleged incident, paramedics were called, but quickly pronounced the victim dead. The accused was not there when police arrived, a situation that resulted in a manhunt that culminated in the arrest on July 9th.

Any charge of this magnitude requires the accused to have a skilled Fort Lauderdale murder defense attorney by their side. This attorney is someone who works passionately for their clients and makes every effort to ensure that the rights of the accused have been fully protected during any and all proceedings.

Kenneth Hassett and Associates have garnered extensive experience as a Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney. That deep background allows them to properly assess all aspects of the accused’s case and provide the very best legal representation possible. They know that merely being charged with a crime doesn’t constitute guilt.

The fact that the accused in this case was charged with premeditated murder alleges that he was conscious of his choice. Kenneth Hassett knows that prosecutors must prove that no extenuating circumstances existed during the incident and that the accused did not act in self-defense.

So if you or someone you know is in need of the services of a Fort Lauderdale murder defense attorney, make sure to contact the offices of Kenneth Hassett and Associates. They will ensure that a vigorous defense will be presented on behalf of their client, offering them the best opportunity to see that justice is served.

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