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Fort Lauderdale Hit and Run Attorney

Woman Arrested for Hit and Run

Perhaps you have heard of the hit-and-run case in Miami where the victim may lose his leg. The person charged with hit-and-run is in a world of trouble. If you or someone you know is ever accused of hit-and-run criminal behavior, you should take the charges very seriously.

The Miami Case
Joanna Cabrera, the woman charged with hit-and-run, allegedly struck two men on the highway and failed to identify herself to the victims. In fact, they say she didn’t even stop. If you are ever in a similar situation, you need to contact a criminal lawyer Miami who can defend you in a court of law. All elements of the judicial system approach hit-and-run cases with hostility.

Her Circumstances could be Anybody’s
When you consider Joanna’s circumstances, you should be thinking, “but there by the grace of god goes I,” because her circumstances could well be yours. Drivers take their eyes off the road for an instance all the time, and if, for some inexplicable reason, they strike a person, car or object, it doesn’t make them a criminal. Unfortunately, the first impulse might be to run. Fight this impulse with all your strength, but if you can’t, start thinking about an experienced Miami hit-and-run attorney like Kenneth Hasset.

The Importance of a Skilled Hit-and-Run Attorney
Because the cards are stacked against the criminal defendant in these cases, you should know that only an attorney can get you off or have the charges reduced to something reasonable. There are defenses against hit-and-run charges that an experienced attorney can bring up before proceedings ever begin. Nobody can convict you without a fair hearing. Since you get your day in court, contact an experienced attorney. Make the most of your opportunity. After all, court proceedings are just basic give and take, and an experienced Fort Lauderdale Hit and Run Attorney works to get the balance in your favor.

How to Beat the Charges
A hit-and-run attorney Miami can argue the fine points of the State Attorney’s case. They must prove you were behind the wheel of the car and that you knew you hit someone with your car. After they prove that, they must prove you willfully continued without stopping and that you failed to give reasonable assistance to the injured party.

Don’t Go it Alone
A skilled attorney will raise doubts about these points and put that doubt in the mind of anybody listening to arguments. In all likelihood, it’s your only hope of escaping the grievous consequences of a moment’s lapse and a wrong-headed decision.

If you or anyone you know is facing Miami hit-and-run charges, there are things you can do, but not without an attorney. Seek the legal help of an criminal lawyer in the hit-and-run field like Kenneth Hasset.

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