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Fort Lauderdale Burglary Ring Arrested

In Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the suspected leader of a gang of burglars that broke into over 100 homes in the Broward area was recently arrested.

In addition to the ringleader, who was identified by the Broward Sheriff’s Office as Wisdom Williams, others were also arrested. Williams, 17, is suspected of being the individual responsible for orchestrating the burglaries. Several of the break-ins were captured by home surveillance cameras and depict young men forcibly entering homes feet first.

Sergeant Valerie Devlin, part of the Burglary Apprehension Team, stated that Williams was brazen enough to have been stealing items from homes in broad daylight and that he had even parked his car in victims’ driveways. She went on to explain that Williams was also the type who would smash through a home’s back door to get in.

Incredibly, Williams’ gang of burglars is suspected of including more than 100 members. The group has been accused of stealing electronics, jewelry and other valuable goods from homes. The Broward Sheriff’s Office’s Burglary Apprehension Team arrested nine young men in addition to the ringleader. Some of them are minors.

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel stated that the team had been searching for Williams for as long as since October and that the gang is comprised of a group of kids and young adults who made it a habit of robbing from homes while the residents were away at work and school.

While Williams was in court, his criminal defense lawyer tried to cover his face to conceal it from cameras. According to the police, the young man has a long list of felonies. Broward County Lieutenant Steve Feeley stated that Williams is not a person who has simply made a mistake and deserves another chance because he has been a repeat offender who is notorious for breaking into homes, stealing goods and then returning to steal the family car.

Police state that the burglary gang targeted homes in the Hollywood, Miami Shores and Miami-Dade County areas during the day when residents were away at school and work. A woman who had been a victim of burglary claimed that she returned home to discover she had been robbed upon noticing her door broken.

Williams received time of 21 days at the Broward County Juvenile Detention Center. The police believe this arrest will lead to the arrest of additional members of the gang.

If you or someone you know has been arrested on suspicion of burglary in Florida, you will need the skills of a qualified Fort Lauderdale burglary defense attorney. Contact Hasssett and Associates, P.A. for the best possible defense for your case. Your criminal defense lawyer will strive to get the charges against you reduced or even thrown out.

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