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Fort Lauderdale Robbery Suspect Caught on Bank Tape

A Fort Lauderdale branch of Chase Bank was robbed by an unidentified woman at approximately 11:45 a.m. on February 8, though the amount of money stolen was not provided by FBI Special Agent Michael Leverock.

The woman, whose image was caught on the bank’s security camera, walked into the Chase branch located at 1800 N. Federal Highway and demanded money from one of the bank’s tellers. She subsequently left the bank with the undisclosed amount of money and remains at large, with no injuries reported by anyone that was in the bank at the time.

The image of the woman indicates that she was wearing a pink winter zip jacket and eye glasses. In addition, her curly dark hair is unkempt.

The FBI’s involvement in the crime is due to the fact that bank robbery is considered a federal crime. Due to the fact that the woman remains at large, Broward County Crime Stoppers has offered a $3,000 reward for her capture.

Whether or not a weapon was used in the commission of the crime is undetermined. That would be an important component of any prosecution, since a charge of armed robbery would then become part of the overall indictment.

If and when the woman is apprehended, she’ll be in need of a Fort Lauderdale robbery defense lawyer like Kenneth Hassett. He has handled cases of this nature for the past quarter century. He knows that any subsequent prosecution requires the legal system to prove that whatever amount of money that was taken was done by force.

That means that the person being robbed has to have been in fear of being a victim of violence, assault, even if it’s not their own money. In the case of the teller, they simply have to be in possession or be in control of the money that’s allegedly stolen.

A potential charge of using a deadly weapon means that in most cases, the state has to prove that a firearm was used in the commission of the crime. In addition, the security camera footage could indicate that proper identification of the individual due to the unkempt hair may be difficult.

Due to such concerns, such cases are not always open and shut. So if you or someone you know needs an experienced Fort Lauderdale robbery defense lawyer, contact the offices of Kenneth Hassett today.

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