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Food Fight A Criminal Matter

Senior Food Fight Prank Is No Laughing Matter
Three students at an Aurora, Illinois high school have been arrested after an outrageous cafeteria food fight, which seems to have started as a senior prank. A police officer and school official were reportedly injured during the flying food mayhem.
High school senior Demetrius Oglesby, 18, is believed to be the student who planned and started the food fight. He faces a felony charge of resisting arrest after reportedly running from the police during the incident. While chasing Oglesby, the officer suffered a broken foot when he tripped over another student who had fallen down. This may mean even more trouble for the student and his criminal defense.
Two juvenile arrests were made in connection with the incident and the minors were charged with misdemeanors. A 15-year-old has been charged with mob action and disorderly conduct and a 14-year-old was charged with assault.
The food fight is believed to have been a senior prank and students say rumors about it have been circulating for a week. About 200 of the 3,000 students who attend the school were present in the cafeteria at the time of the food fight. Authorities say that the lunchroom was totally out of control as students flung slices of pizza, french fries, milk and sandwiches at each other. One student recalls that other students were actually buying food beforehand as ammunition for the expected food fight. He says that milk, full soda bottles and blue slushies were being hurled around the room. Another student noted that anything and everything sold in the cafeteria got thrown. Some students were running into the hallways to escape the mess, while others ducked for cover underneath the lunchroom tables.
School officials are not amused by the stunt. The cafeteria was closed Friday and also on Monday, which was the last day of school. Security was also increased at the school for the remainder of the term and a spokesperson for the school district says there will be consequences for the students involved in the incident. Several dozen high school seniors accused of being involved in the food fight have been banned from the school’s graduation ceremony on Tuesday.
School Principal John Glimco calls the food fight a bad choice and bad judgment and says pranks are funny and don’t hurt anyone. He says he doesn’t consider a food fight to be a prank. I’m sure the people who got injured during the chaos would agree with him.
Generally pranks don’t leave students withcriminal records, but this incident will almost certainly affect at least three students that way. No mention has been made about who exactly had to clean up the mess that these students made or what consequences students who were not graduating on Tuesday might face. Copyright © 2009 TotalCriminalDefense, Inc. (as licensee). All rights reserved. The information I am posting comes from the Web or Hassett and Associates P.A. If you would like to learn more about us go to www.criminaldefense.cc.

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