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Driver Arrested After Slamming His Car Into Fort Lauderdale Restaurant

Ft Lauderdale DUI Attorney

Help from a Ft Lauderdale DUI Attorney

On Thursday, June 18, 2020, a driver rammed his SUV straight into a restaurant in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The entire incident was captured by surveillance cameras.

After the crash, the driver was arrested. He was accused and charged with driving under the influence. While the accident occurred, a manager at the restaurant couldn’t believe his eyes and watched in disbelief as he took in the damage to the restaurant, which is owned by his family. He stated that it was heartbreaking and that his family had owned the restaurant for 20 years.

The restaurant, Antojitos Mexicanos, had surveillance cameras rolling on the night of the incident. The first part that was captured included the man in the SUV pull up into the parking lot and park in a wrong angle.

According to employees of the restaurant, the man came to the establishment to buy a burrito to go. They said he ordered his food and then went into a neighboring store.

An employee from the grocery store next to the restaurant reported that the man grabbed bags of chips as a snack, left and then he heard a loud bang. He surmised that the man must have accidentally slammed into the restaurant instead of putting his vehicle in reverse.

Indeed, the SUV shot into the front wall and windows of the Mexican restaurant. The driver immediately tried to back his vehicle out before other people came over to intervene.

One customer, who was a regular visitor of the restaurant, was injured and taken to the hospital by Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue. The restaurant was in bad shape and included shattered glass everywhere and tabled overturned.

The driver was administered a field sobriety test and had difficulty with it. The man, 38 years old, was later identified and arrested for DUI. His SUV was pulled out of the restaurant and towed.

Hiring a Ft Lauderdale DUI Attorney

DUI charges are always very serious and carry equally serious penalties if you are convicted. As a result, if you are arrested in Florida on such charges, you need a skilled Ft Lauderdale DUI attorney on your side. You can contact a Fort Lauderdale criminal attorney immediately by calling Hassett & Associates, P.A. at (954) 791-3939. Discussing your case with a Ft Lauderdale DUI attorney is essential. Your Fort Lauderdale criminal attorney will build a strong defense for your case. Do not waste time. Remember, time is of the essence.

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