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Couple Arrested In Fort Lauderdale Armed Robbery Spree

Twenty-year old Tiffany Sierzputowski and 27 year-old Robert Golden were arrested on January 14, 2016. They have been charged with armed robbery. The couple has been involved in multiple robberies. The first robbery occurred on Sunday, January 10, 2016. The couple robbed a Denny’s.

The cashier stated that the couple had smelled like gas. She also asked them if they had been working on cars. The cashier stated that the couple did not answer the question, and they asked if they could have change for a $10. Robert then told the cashier to take all of the money out of the cash register. He pulled out a water bottle filled with gasoline and a lighter. He told the woman that if she did not give him the money, then he would light her on fire.

The cashier gave the man $380, and the couple ran off. The second robbery occurred Sunday night at another Denny’s. Tiffany handed the cashier a note that said that they have gas bombs and guns. The note also instructed the cashier to empty the register as quickly as possible.

The couple committed another robbery on Tuesday, January 12, 2016. According to the police report, the couple stole several things from the store and ran off. The police have stated that Tiffany and Robert have confessed to the murders. The couple claim that they are homeless. They are currently being held in jail without bail.

Robbery is a serious crime. If weapons are used during the robbery, then a person may face a more serious punishment. The couple in the aforementioned story not only robbed restaurants, but they also threatened to harm the cashiers if they did not comply with their demands.

Many people have spent five or more years in jail because of armed robbery. If you are facing robbery charges, then one of the best things you can do is hire an attorney. Kenneth Hassett is qualified to take on your case. He is qualified to take on the most difficult cases. He will do everything he can to protect your rights and defend you.

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