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Broward Deputy Arrested for Throwing Student to the Ground

Fort Lauderdale Child Abuse Arrest Attorney

Help from a Fort Lauderdale Child Abuse Arrest Attorney

A sheriff’s deputy recently found himself on the other side of the law after the alleged assault of a student at a school in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Himself facing criminal charges, he will need the services of a Fort Lauderdale child abuse arrest attorney.

The altercation occurred at a school for children with behavioral and emotional problems, and was recorded by a security camera located in one room. The sequence begins when the student, a 15-year-old girl, appears to tap with her left foot the deputy’s right leg. Struck in the area behind the knee, his leg then buckles. In the presence of two women, the deputy converses with the student for approximately one minute, whereupon he slams her to the floor and momentarily holds her in a face-down position. Lifting her off the floor, he proceeds to forcefully throw her out a door.

It could not be determined what was said between the student and the deputy. However, the Broward County sheriff said that the behavior of the student could in no way be used to justify the actions of the deputy, who has been with the department for three years and was suspended without pay as a result of the recent incident. He has been charged with felony child abuse without great bodily harm and, if convicted, could face up to five years in prison in addition to a $10,000 fine. The unlawful treatment of minors in Florida includes both physical and verbal abuse, sexual molestation and starvation. Those charged with any crime of this nature will need the assistance of a Fort Lauderdale child abuse arrest attorney.

Hiring a Fort Lauderdale Child Abuse Arrest Attorney

Fortunately, those charged in child abuse or neglect cases have certain legal rights and protections. Such cases may be based on false reports or involve insufficient evidence. In actual cases of abuse, the injury suffered by the child may have been exaggerated. Additionally, the police may have used improper procedures when apprehending or interrogating suspects. A Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney will examine these and other issues in order to find the best possible outcome in every criminal case.
Those who find themselves facing child abuse or other criminal charges can find the representation they need by contacting the law firm of Hassett & Associates at 954-791-3939.

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