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Broward deputy accused of shoplifting at WalMart 7

Broward Criminal AttorneyFelony charges are pending against a 46-year-old Broward sheriff’s deputy after he was arrested on the night of September 13 for allegedly scheming to defraud or obtain property under $20,000 at two WalMart’s in Coral Springs.

The seven alleged crimes that he’s been accused of took place over the course of a month, beginning on May 13. Third degree felony charges have been filed, even though the largest amount allegedly taken was $49.54 on May 27.

The deputy had been suspended with pay on June 6, three days after he had stopped by the store’s security officers for allegedly hiding a cologne bottle inside some slippers.

He was led out to his vehicle by a store loss-prevention officer and an audit of the man’s debit card that had been used in the alleged plot uncovered the other reported crimes. Investigators stated that the scheme involved scanning some items at a self-checkout lane. Once the scanning was completed, other unpaid items were placed in a bag before he left.

That audit during the three-month investigation included identification of the man from store security tapes. Following the arrest, he was suspended without pay and spent a night in jail before posting $3,500 bond. He faces a maximum of five years in prison.

Given the specter of five years in prison, the man is in strong need of a Broward criminal attorney that can serve as his legal advocate in the courtroom. Kenneth Hassett is an attorney who has those qualifications, having displayed his legal skills in Florida courtrooms for the past two decades.

Kenneth Hassett has defended many accused shoplifters during that time and knows that not every instance is an open-and-shut case. That’s due to the fact that the prosecution has to prove that the accused individuals must have had the clear intent to steal the merchandise in question.

Hassett also knows that identifications can sometimes be open to question and that the quality of store security video can be questionable. An investigation by a Broward criminal attorney like Hassett can sometimes be beneficial in casting doubt on the validity of this evidence.

So if you or someone you know has been accused of shoplifting, contact the law offices of Kenneth Hassett. His experience as a Broward criminal attorney and solid grasp of Florida law could be the difference between freedom and time in jail.

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