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Anti-Trump Protester Lands in Jail

Fort Lauderdale Criminal Defense LawyerWhile the results of the presidential election were received with mixed emotions, many people have been stepping up to voice their dislike of President-elect Donald Trump through rallies, marches, and demonstrations. Last weekend, a three-hour march turned soured when one protester found herself in jail.

In Downtown Fort Lauderdale, anti-Trump supporters hit the road on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to publicly voice their disgust with our newly elected President. While holding up traffic, this large group of people marched down the street, going so far as to even cause the MacArthur Causeway to be shut down.

Although some Trump fans found the protests disgusting, things were going smoothly until the two opposing teams faced off during Sunday’s march. While anti-Trump protesters chanted and pounded the streets, they ran into several Trump supporters, one of which stated that thanks God that Hillary Clinton lost and hopes that she is arrested.

In the heat of the moment, something happened, and one of the female protesters was taken into police custody. According to witnesses, this woman got so upset that she threw water in the face of a Trump supporter, prompting her arrest. As of now, there are no reports about what had been said to spark the heated encounter.

While it’s impossible to know all the details at this time, video footage shows the woman being taken away by police as she yells about her need for an attorney, her desire for release, and claims that she did nothing wrong.

This anti-Trump marcher will now need a Fort Lauderdale criminal defense lawyer as she faces legal action and possible charges. A Fort Lauderdale criminal defense lawyer can help her understand what she maybe charged with, what laws she has broken, and how she can fight back after her arrest.

Have you been arrested following your participation in a march or rally? As long as you are not causing damage to a person or their property, you are free to participate in any public show of disapproval such as a march or rally. If you are facing legal action because of your choice to voice your opinion, it’s time for you to stand up and fight for your rights. Here at Hassett and Associates, P.A., our demonstration defense attorney won’t leave you fighting alone. If you or someone you know has been in a similar legal situation, contact our team of professionals at 954-791-3939 and let us start helping you.

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