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Allegations of Punching, Choking and Throwing Fort Lauderdale Police Officer Leads to Arrest

Battery of a Law Enforcement Officer

Arrested for Battery of a Law Enforcement Officer?

A 29-year old man who had been detained by police for leaving the scene of an accident now has bigger problems. He has been charged with resisting arrest with violence and aggravated battery of a police officer after video footage showed him allegedly punching a female police officer in the face, throwing her against a fence and apparently choking her. Video of the incident was taken by an independent witness. It’s fair to say that prosecutors intend on using that video against the man.

Bond Set Plus No Contact Order

The presiding bond court judge remarked that the allegations against the man were “very serious.” Bond was set at $25,200. The man was also ordered to have no contact with the police officer.

Two Felony Charges

As per Fort Lauderdale criminal defense lawyer Kenneth Hassett, resisting a police officer with violence can be charged as a third degree felony that is punishable by up to five years in prison and a fine of up to $5,000. Aggravated battery of a law enforcement officer is a first degree felony, and it’s punishable by up 30 years in prison.


Each of these charges have defenses. With regard to the charge of resisting a police officer with violence, whether the police officer was on the job is of critical importance. The defendant must know that the individual is a law enforcement officer, and that officer cannot use undue or excessive force in taking the defendant into custody. On the charge of aggravated battery of a law enforcement officer, the same types of defenses also apply.

Help From an Attorney Following Battery of a Law Enforcement Officer Arrest

As one of the premier Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorneys, Kenneth Hassett has concentrated his practice for more than 25 years on defending the rights of people who are accused of crimes. You have the right to an attorney on any offense you might be charged with that is punishable by jail or prison time. Don’t help the prosecution with its case against you by giving police any type of statement or confession. You will only be giving it evidence that it can use against you in the future to try and convict you with. If you or somebody close to you were arrested in or around Fort Lauderdale, contact Fort Lauderdale criminal defense lawyer contact Hassett & Associates P.A. right away at 954-791-3939.

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