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Housekeeper Set Fire to Condo to Cover Up Theft

Fort Lauderdale Arson Defense AttorneyRecently an individual hired as a housekeeper for a family was arrested and placed in jail on the charge of arson after she admitted that she set fire to the employer’s condo in order to hide the fact that she stole $160 from them while working.

The woman, age 44, was booked into the local county jail according to the police department. There is also the chance that she will face additional charges tied to the incident such as theft and crimes specifically against the elderly. She’ll likely need the services of a Fort Lauderdale criminal defense lawyer if she wants to ensure she has an adequate defense.

The fire started in the morning at the apartment building where the condo was located. Around 50 individuals were home at the time of the fire and were evacuated safely. Those investigating the fire quickly suspected that the cause of the fire was arson, as it was contained to one condo in the building.

The woman being held in custody confessed to intentionally setting the fire almost immediately after the incident while she was being questioned by the local police department. The elderly resident, age 72, who owned the condo is currently residing with family members since her condo is currently uninhabitable due to damage from the fire. The arsonist should consider seeking out an arson criminal defense lawyer while waiting for the trial or sentencing.

Arson is a charge that occurs when an individual intentionally destructs using fire or explosives a structure where individuals live without permission. It is not taken lightly and requires adequate representation by a qualified Fort Lauderdale Arson Defense Attorney to prepare for the upcoming legal battles that will follow the charge. Lawyers are essential to ensure that you get the best representation and are treated fairly by the legal system.

If you or someone you know has ever faced a similar legal situation contact the reputable Fort Lauderdale arson defense attorney Hassett & Associates, P.A. at 954-791-3939.

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